Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gift Shaped Brownies....

We've had an awful lot of snow days lately and although I usually work while the kids are in school it's nice to have some extra days to just stay in and do fun stuff :)
We found a brownie making kit, that we bought during the after holiday sales... (I love a bargain) who says gift shaped brownies are only for christmas anyway?
We each got to decorate 2 brownies...I let them do their thing after all it's about the creativity right...

Then I got to working on mine, I made it special...after all it was for my hubby who is hard at work during every snow storm...He doesn't get to stay home and make brownies or sit by the fireplace...

So, the complaints came from the little one's... "why is HIS special?"  "I want that one for me!" I Love my children VERY much....but let's face it, they'll grow up and leave but the hubby I get to grow old with ;)  So YEAH kids!!  He gets the Super Special Brownie this time ;)

I hope you Enjoyed your Special brownie Hunny...I appreciate you weathering the Storm for us. <3

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