Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Dancer.......

I've known this young lady since she was a little girl...In fact she was so little that she was the flower girl at my wedding.  We lost touch for a bit, but Thank goodness for Facebook for allowing people to re-connect.  I was so proud to see what a lovely young lady she has turned out to be and I was super impressed with her dancing skills.  So much so, that I decided to ask her to Model for me.  She was thrilled and we scheduled a time. We allowed for a lot of extra time to catch up before hand.  The Day was a blast for me, I was especially thrilled to spend time with her mom whom I have always held close to my heart.

I have been working on several new Projects and Re-branding my Business.  One of the projects is updating my website with fresh images.  Unlike finding a designer that will design my new Logo...this project was fairly easy =)

I was looking for very contrasty highly dramatic images...and I think I may have achieved just that with the following images....




She has a style and grace that I just loved to work with....It's almost like a transformation that happens and the dancer just shows up. I was taken aback by her beauty and ability to perform. Her Mom & Dad must be very proud of her.

It wasn't all hard work we did have a great time while shooting, and here's the proof....

Thanks Tanisha for doing a wonderful job and allowing me to acheive what I was looking for. May the Lord continue to Bless you in all that you do.....


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Hubby...

You'd think I have the most pictures of him since I live with him, but......NOPE He's the one I have the least amount of pictures of...As a matter of fact I think I have more self portraits than I have pictures of him....

Not that he's not that handsomeesst man you've ever seen.  Yeah, I know it ladies.... but he's mine ;)
©Violet Fotos_110213_4220
We just get caught up and a matter of fact his Facebook profile picture is like over a year old, and he has every right to have a new one, His wife is a Photographer ;)
I'm glad we took this cold winter afternoon, after church, to get the task done. I am quite pleased with the results.

Psalm 45:11 For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.

Blessings :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter through My lens......

It's been an unusually harsh winter...More than I can handle.  We used to live in an apartment where we had no need for a snowblower and just moved into this house in January. You know right around the time it wouldn't stop snowing...

So by the time we (hubby and I) decided we needed one they were sold out everywhere...The snow was not that bad we were able to stay on top of it clearing the ways but the ice was a whole other monster.  I am determined to see the beautiful side to any situation so I've been taking lots of pictures of the season.  My friends have had it with me saying that the words "winter" and "joy" don't belong in the same sentence... Seriously though,  I've asked myself who pissed off Mother Nature? I came across a funny image where a church had a sign saying "whoever is Praying for Snow, Can you please stop"  I thought it was funny but not too far from the truth and left me wondering What is really going on?

As I drive I am naturally drawn to the lovely way the sun reflects off of the ice on the trees and it really is beautiful. I wish I could just stop everywhere with my camera, but that's where my iPhone comes in handy. My daughter is literally annoyed with me when I stop the car to get a picture, but it's who I am. I can't help but to capture the Beautiful side of things :)

While I Love sharing images on Facebook and Twitter through my instagram this one.....
Winter Ice Tree Tops

I've also had plenty of opportunites to use my camera to capture some real images...I hope you will enjoy seeing winter through my lens.....
This Above image is My Favorite of this batch =)






Someone wise once said that the best way OUT is THROUGH.... So don't worry people we WILL get through this. :)  Didn't you know we are expecting an early spring? If you can believe THAT....

Have a blessed weekend!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Product Shoot...

I was recently hired by the Photographer that I am interning with to photograph the products she offers to put them in a catalog. I thought what a great idea, not only will she now have samples but also a picture book with images of the products with a description.

It was challenging, I will admit since she wanted an earthy toned canvas muslin as the background.  When shooting Product I find that white background with studio lighting works best, Well at least I thought.

I had to turn my household Iron on, in order to get the muslin to a well enough state to shoot on, (Canvas can really hold a wrinkle) and ended up shooting with available light.  I must admit I was pleased with the end Result. Photographing Product is not quite as exciting as photographing people, but it has it's own rewards. You have to be a little more creative in certain ways. I mean think about it, you can tell people how to pose but you can't tell a book to hold itself on an angle ;)

Here are a few of my favorites that I'm sure will make it into the Catalog  =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lighting Test Shoot

It had been a whole year....... I'd been out and about shooting almost exlusively with Available Light. Oh how I missed you Profoto =) 

I've been quite busy lately moving and haven't had time for much shooting at all. I'm all settled in at home now, and since I recently started interning...A Lot of things have come to light...Literally!!  Like the Fact that I Love shooting in Studio lighting. So I was challenged...and who doesn't love a challenge ;) It was to test my lighting abilities and see what I could do, with little direction, just a couple of inspirational Magazines.  I have named this the year for New Beginings so I got to work and did my best.....
The results were more than I could have hoped for.  I posted a sneak peek image to Facebook and got a few comments like the following; 
Great Shot! 
OMG, Love it Love it,
Breathtaking Love it!

All that on just the above image I posted.  I certaintly feel like I achieved The Goals I had in mind for this Photo shoot with this image.  She wasn't so sure when I asked her to pose like this because she has such a handle on Modeling...but "Trust Me" I said.

I'll admit it's one of my favorite that's why it made it to Facebook first....But I'm also a fan of all these others featured below.

I must Say that I Love working with Miss Yadian....We are a good team...for those of you who don't know she is an amazing Hair stylist....So for any Photographers out there looking for a Hair Stylist on your shoots let me know and I can forward her information.

Happy Thursday!! 

Gift Shaped Brownies....

We've had an awful lot of snow days lately and although I usually work while the kids are in school it's nice to have some extra days to just stay in and do fun stuff :)
We found a brownie making kit, that we bought during the after holiday sales... (I love a bargain) who says gift shaped brownies are only for christmas anyway?
We each got to decorate 2 brownies...I let them do their thing after all it's about the creativity right...

Then I got to working on mine, I made it special...after all it was for my hubby who is hard at work during every snow storm...He doesn't get to stay home and make brownies or sit by the fireplace...

So, the complaints came from the little one's... "why is HIS special?"  "I want that one for me!" I Love my children VERY much....but let's face it, they'll grow up and leave but the hubby I get to grow old with ;)  So YEAH kids!!  He gets the Super Special Brownie this time ;)

I hope you Enjoyed your Special brownie Hunny...I appreciate you weathering the Storm for us. <3