Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lighting Test Shoot

It had been a whole year....... I'd been out and about shooting almost exlusively with Available Light. Oh how I missed you Profoto =) 

I've been quite busy lately moving and haven't had time for much shooting at all. I'm all settled in at home now, and since I recently started interning...A Lot of things have come to light...Literally!!  Like the Fact that I Love shooting in Studio lighting. So I was challenged...and who doesn't love a challenge ;) It was to test my lighting abilities and see what I could do, with little direction, just a couple of inspirational Magazines.  I have named this the year for New Beginings so I got to work and did my best.....
The results were more than I could have hoped for.  I posted a sneak peek image to Facebook and got a few comments like the following; 
Great Shot! 
OMG, Love it Love it,
Breathtaking Love it!

All that on just the above image I posted.  I certaintly feel like I achieved The Goals I had in mind for this Photo shoot with this image.  She wasn't so sure when I asked her to pose like this because she has such a handle on Modeling...but "Trust Me" I said.

I'll admit it's one of my favorite that's why it made it to Facebook first....But I'm also a fan of all these others featured below.

I must Say that I Love working with Miss Yadian....We are a good team...for those of you who don't know she is an amazing Hair stylist....So for any Photographers out there looking for a Hair Stylist on your shoots let me know and I can forward her information.

Happy Thursday!! 

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