Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Release the Brakes...

Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. 
Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life.  What is it you would let go of today? 
 (Mary Manin Morrissey)

Sometimes we really do need to let go of all the negative things in our lives.  It's not easy but it can be done.  I have in recent years learned to release the brakes. I am happier now :)

This lovely image taken during the Road Trip to Vermont. Letting the sun come through can feel so amazing. Autumn in New England as it should be documented ♥️
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Adventures...

Sometimes you need to dare to go on a New Adventure...Leave all the things that you know and step outside of the box (and out of my comfort zone).  You never know what Great things await you!! I had the pleasure of going on a road trip with a friend. He wanted to take me for Ice Cream he said...In VERMONT!! :)  Being a New England girl who's never been to Vermont how could I refuse? It's October and what better time to go on a road trip than on a Lazy Sunday in the Fall?  I Love Autumn it's my very favorite season of the year.  I was dreaming of reds and oranges. 
There were quite a few stops along the way with Many sites to see and photograph.  When he mentioned The Gorge...I genuinely asked "What's the Gorge?" Little did I know....The moment in the middle of the Quechee Gorge Bridge was going to take my breathe away and cause me to just STOP, put the camera down, and enjoy the amazing view and moment for what it was. In that moment, I felt pure bliss.  Of course, I was able to capture it, in all it's glory. I am always in aww of the Lord's Majestic Views. 
It was one of those moments that I will treasure for a lifetime. Happily committed to going back at the change of the season, we hit the road again.  Finally arriving at our destination for my favorite Chunky Monkey ♥️ Ice Cream... After all that was the purpose....Or was it? 😉 

Happy Monday folks!