Saturday, September 26, 2009


They say a Good Friend is hard to find...

The kind that you keep for SOOOO many years that they feel like Family.  The Kind that you don't see at all, for years on end and when you get together it's like you've never been apart. Then you have the type of Friends that you just have a connection with, you don't have to say anything or do anything  and the connection is just there. I don't know many people my age that can say they are still Friends with say, someone that was with them freshman year in High School or Graduated with them.  

I guess I'm REALLY blessed.  I Have a long list of Life Long Friends all of which I am thankful for.  They are all different but I Love them all the same.  They know who I was, who I am and believe in who I will become.  

Unfortunately, my page will not allow me to show them all...But they KNOW who they are. However, below you will find the latest addition to my List...I'm not talking acquaintance or just people you know.  I am talking a REAL Friend......You know,,,,,,the kind that are so hard to find =)

We have encouraged each other throughout our careers & being that we are both such creative creatures we just clicked. The benefits???......She is a natural in front of my camera & My hair is always well kept ;)   

My Camera and My Hair are both gonna miss her dearly.....but it's the Company  & Chats as we both enjoyed our coffee together that I will miss the most. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bakery.....

A friend of mine runs a bakery and asked if I would do some product shots for the company website. He is really excited about his new 
Organic Donut Holes

It was quite the project and let's just say shooting donuts is not quite as fun as shooting people. (only because they don't talk to you) Soooooo,  I got creative and became friends with the pastries.....and to be honest with you I don't think I did that bad of a job....actually that's an understatement. I think I did a GREAT job!!!

But I'll let you form your own opinion............ Let me know if you find them appetizing....

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Feel Blessed!!!!

Good Morning!  

I just want to take a moment to Exalt HIM this Morning publicly.  My God is more than Enough!! He Can supply all my NEEDS!  I am SOOOOO thankful to Him for all the Great People that surround me and encourage me.  I give Him the Glory!!! I Praise My Lord JESUS CHRIST!! 

I Believe He has complete control of my Life.

Since I was taught that a Blog is always better with an image.....check out the one below that I shot during the Unlimited Woman Event In NY.  

I guess I'm not the ONLY one that feels that way!

Have a Blessed Day =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 Corintians 13:4

Love is Patient...Love is Kind....Love is not Jealous or Proud.....

Love is ALSO beautiful! It Inspires me and it gives me Hope....

LOVE is the Greatest...............

That is why,  it is always an Honor to help a couple capture some of thier most precious moments as they make that commitment of LOVE.

Here are a few of My Faves from The Special Day.

Congratulations Paige & Kiel!  May the Lord Bless you with a Strong & Loving Marriage.