Monday, March 18, 2013

Pin Up Collaboration

Some Days I just amaze my self at how daring I am :)

I was contacted By Audrey of Souvenir Images.  She asked if I'd be willing to help out with Make up on a 1940's Pin up shoot she was putting together.  I'm no make up artist but I do pride myself on my own applications of glamour, and I've gotten a few compliments here and there ;)

I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant so I definitely know my make up...1940's though Hmm... I have to say I had to watch a couple of tutorials in order to really know what I was doing.  Lately, I have been working on losing fear and stepping out of My comfort zone.  So I was just a bit hesitant. But Hey, when she told me I could also be be one of the Models it gave me the push I needed and said YES!!!  The Bonus?  I got to shoot the models too!!  Wow! Who knew I could be so Multi-Talented ;)

I am super excited to Present to You The Pin-Up dolls 

Thank You So Much Audrey for letting me join in on this Project! Feel Free to Leave comments on how I did with the Make-up.

The image Below is a Self Portrait...Because I realized that My Hair and Makeup was totally awesome and glamorous and I like instant gratification ;)
I do it all in the name of Glamour <3

Friday, March 1, 2013

Not a Baby Anymore..

Can I just say WOW!! Where did the time go?  As I watch her go I still can't believe how grown she is.  She is my baby girl except...she just isn't a baby anymore. She's turning 15 this year.  She is oh so special to me. She has turned into a wonderful young lady.

I wish you a bright future and great choices in Life...

You hold my heart Baby Girl and no matter how grown you are you will always be my baby <3.