Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The NEW Normal???? NO WAY!!!

Talk about a rough winter.... We have already exceed the amount of snow we get during the entire winter...

We have certainly broken all the records. Yikes!! My daughter is actually complaining about snow days...Can You BELIEVE that? I started off shoveling and being good but God knows I have my limits ;) I've been watching the News and they are saying that this is going to be the NEW Normal. This Can NOT be normal.....

The flip side...we turn the fireplace on, we bake and we go out to play in the snow....Well the KIDS play in the snow I play with my camera  :)

Here are a few from the last storm and yes I had to blog these now since we have another storm coming Tomorrow!!

 I'm sure that slide will be more useful in the spring when all the snow is gone :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Freedom Life Church

I had the honor of Photographing the New Year's Eve Celebration at Freedom Life Church.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship, listening to great music while we Praised the Lord.

If you Love Praising the Lord and you would like to visit Freedom Life Church with Pasotrs Hector & Monsi Quinones it is Located at 204 Main St, Milford, MA.

Here are some of the images I took.

I Love the way I caught the movement in his hands here...One of my favorites of the night.

Clearly you can see the Joy expressed in these photos. I will admit I was very happy to know there would be a New Year's Eve Service ;)

May The Lord Bless you this Saturday Morning! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Beginnings....

Anne Ruthman Says.......I shoot **** ******* Photography....

It caused me to take a step back, Look at my work, Look at what I do best, and go back to the begining.  Search within ME.  I was able to even go back to my notes and to figure out that she was right and wasn't the only person with that opinion.

I am her New Intern and very blessed to have acheived that position for it is filled with learning from a great person who can teach you so much about yourself.

Our first meeting was very intense left me with so much knowledge that was in me but I hadn't seen before.  I learned so much my head wanted to explode =) Already I have learned so much and I look forward to learning so much more on my venture with her this year.

I can't spill the beans just yet...but I am excited for all the new things happening for me in 2011. It's going to be a great year.

I'll fill you in on the *** soon...I promise I'm working hard ;)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!!!

I know I'm a little behind on my blog posts....but cut me some slack I am REALLY busy ;)

If you don't already know I have moved into this pretty little house.....

If you know me at all..you'd know that I am a little OCD on organization...so that's what I have been sooo busy doing. It's my rule to stay as much away from the computer as possible in order to finish the task.

Here's a little of what I've been doing with the place

Sorry about the quality of the images they are mobile images since my camera also taking a break and is gearing up for an amazing season.

Please know that I haven't been neglecting Violet fotos all together. I am working on some changes but that's another blog post.