Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The NEW Normal???? NO WAY!!!

Talk about a rough winter.... We have already exceed the amount of snow we get during the entire winter...

We have certainly broken all the records. Yikes!! My daughter is actually complaining about snow days...Can You BELIEVE that? I started off shoveling and being good but God knows I have my limits ;) I've been watching the News and they are saying that this is going to be the NEW Normal. This Can NOT be normal.....

The flip side...we turn the fireplace on, we bake and we go out to play in the snow....Well the KIDS play in the snow I play with my camera  :)

Here are a few from the last storm and yes I had to blog these now since we have another storm coming Tomorrow!!

 I'm sure that slide will be more useful in the spring when all the snow is gone :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

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