Saturday, November 2, 2019

My Brother's Legacy ♥️

It was raining but we had a plan because not getting it done was NOT an option.  With the time constraints and the amount of people involved there was no rescheduling, we had to do it. 
It was right here right before this shot. That's when it happened.  It was a Moment...An Emotion so strong that I couldn't contain it. As I stood there in front of all of them watching the chaos as everyone was trying find their place.  As Erika tried to help get the little one's in order and Jojo was asking if she was my assistant. That's when it happened, The tears just came...Because all I could think at that moment was that HE should have been there RIGHT THERE in the Middle because this is His Legacy, his Children, his Grandchildren and his Wife. I am not sure they understood what was happening and all I could manage to say is wow how you guys have grown. I then turned away and took a deep breath and said this is for you 💕

The last time I did this with them them was on a thanksgiving day way back when my brother was still with us. A lot has changed since then. We can't go back and change the past but we can look to a brighter and better tomorrow and we can Miss HIM, We are Allowed. 

Here are the Results 

I am a Very Proud Auntie. Each one unique in their own special way, but each one loved just the same.

Happy Saturday!