Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder...

Everyone has eyes and everyone sees the same thing Differently....

I have recently been approached by many wanting to know and learn about Photography. I am NOT a teacher by any means and I don't pretend that I am an expert.  However, I am a Trained Professional and that should count for something :) I am really proud of the work I do.

I had someone tell me that they have approached many photographers and was basically turned away not wanting them to "copy" their work.  Well here's a little something I learned in school. Ask 10 Photographers how to do the Same thing and you WILL get 10 different answers.  It's simple, you have to know your equipment and develop a style that is your own.  Really...It's whatever works for YOU!  I don't have a problem helping others find their own way. I also don't feel threatened because the truth is that everyone's style comes from what they SEE. In helping a friend who is very eager to learn, I stumbled across a site that said it well.

3. Information does not equal ability
The important realization out of this perhaps overly self-centered and egotistical perspective is that information is not the equivalent to ability. What you share is the information on how to compose a shot, to take a photo, and to post-edit that photo properly. What you can never share is your ability to compose a shot, to take a photo, and to post-edit that photo properly. So don't worry; you're not giving away, and never will be able to give away, what makes your photography special and what makes you unique as a photographer. ~ JFotography

So go ahead ask me anything I will share what I know :)

With that said..I was invited into a Catholic Church to do some first communion photos. While touring I took a couple of shots. When I showed these to the person giving me the tour, her comment confirms what I just said.

"I have walked by that 1000 times and I never saw it like that"
 My Point?? You can never give away what YOU see with your eyes so why not help others, see what they can with their eyes...

Happy Thursday!! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Future...

They Say BE what you want your children to be...That they Learn by example.  I Say that's not ALWAYS the case...but In HIS case it might be exactly that..

He is always taking Photos any chance he gets...He offers to take pictures with the disposable camera, with my phone and as of late he keeps questioning what My Camera does and when he can use it.  He is only 8 and handing him expensive equipment makes me a little nervous, but knowing that If I don't let him try he won't learn makes it easier.  I am going to teach him and little by little he will learn. He already has a good eye and great angles. I know this from the images he's already taken.  I am overwhelmingly happy that he is interested. I am looking forward to this time of teaching.

Last week in my office having a face off...Enjoy ;) I'd say he's learning fast....