Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Future...

They Say BE what you want your children to be...That they Learn by example.  I Say that's not ALWAYS the case...but In HIS case it might be exactly that..

He is always taking Photos any chance he gets...He offers to take pictures with the disposable camera, with my phone and as of late he keeps questioning what My Camera does and when he can use it.  He is only 8 and handing him expensive equipment makes me a little nervous, but knowing that If I don't let him try he won't learn makes it easier.  I am going to teach him and little by little he will learn. He already has a good eye and great angles. I know this from the images he's already taken.  I am overwhelmingly happy that he is interested. I am looking forward to this time of teaching.

Last week in my office having a face off...Enjoy ;) I'd say he's learning fast....

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