Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter through My lens......

It's been an unusually harsh winter...More than I can handle.  We used to live in an apartment where we had no need for a snowblower and just moved into this house in January. You know right around the time it wouldn't stop snowing...

So by the time we (hubby and I) decided we needed one they were sold out everywhere...The snow was not that bad we were able to stay on top of it clearing the ways but the ice was a whole other monster.  I am determined to see the beautiful side to any situation so I've been taking lots of pictures of the season.  My friends have had it with me saying that the words "winter" and "joy" don't belong in the same sentence... Seriously though,  I've asked myself who pissed off Mother Nature? I came across a funny image where a church had a sign saying "whoever is Praying for Snow, Can you please stop"  I thought it was funny but not too far from the truth and left me wondering What is really going on?

As I drive I am naturally drawn to the lovely way the sun reflects off of the ice on the trees and it really is beautiful. I wish I could just stop everywhere with my camera, but that's where my iPhone comes in handy. My daughter is literally annoyed with me when I stop the car to get a picture, but it's who I am. I can't help but to capture the Beautiful side of things :)

While I Love sharing images on Facebook and Twitter through my instagram this one.....
Winter Ice Tree Tops

I've also had plenty of opportunites to use my camera to capture some real images...I hope you will enjoy seeing winter through my lens.....
This Above image is My Favorite of this batch =)






Someone wise once said that the best way OUT is THROUGH.... So don't worry people we WILL get through this. :)  Didn't you know we are expecting an early spring? If you can believe THAT....

Have a blessed weekend!!

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  1. You know I am NOT a fan of winter .. but your pictures make it all seem so beautiful and peaceful.. Still can't wait for summer but I enjoy your view of this season. :)