Friday, September 24, 2010

Capturing and Preserving.....

It's those moments...You know, the ones that once they pass you just can't get them back...
So we document them. In such a way that we will never forget.  So they may be cherished forever.  So that they can be passed on long after we are gone. 
That's what I do. I Capture and Preserve those moments in time that we call memories.  Important times in other peoples lives.....In my own life too....
Sometimes people say things to give their opinions, to be spiteful, or to offer constructive criticism.  I've been told Sooo many things.  Some Positive Some Negative.  I'll take the good and learn from the bad.  One person offered in reference to my images, "It seems like you shoot with your Heart".  Another asked "Are you a Photographer or a sappy writer?" in reference to my Blog.  Some people don't even consider Photography WORK at all.  So Here's what I have to say......
I am a Hopeless Romantic! So therefore,  I love capturing emotion and I enjoy writing about the emotion that comes through in my imagery.  I am a passionate person and although I love what I do, IT IS work.  I always thank God for having given me the ability to make people happy through my Photography.  I received this note Today,  it reinforces my feelings ;)  It's like God's way of saying, "Good Job, Keep It up" 

Love the new pictures and the story on your blog...they just keep getting better, you got some great ones of Rick, and I've rarely seen a photo that really reflects who he is...I will treasure these pictures always...thanks again

Just because my post would be incomplete without a's a sneak peek from my last session.......

Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. I love your pictures..and your blog. There will always be haters in this world, darling. Ignore them and do what you do so well. Those that matter will always support you and see how amazing you are.

  2. Thank YOU!!! It's important I get the Support & Encouragement from the ONE's I LOVE

  3. I love you too, MOM......... and I always will!!!!!!!!! Te amo MUCHISIMO <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love you too, MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!