Friday, September 3, 2010

Overwhelming Response.....

I recently booked a Wedding, kinda short notice, not a year in advance as is accustomed. I was Super Excited, but Having done the last one Solo, I promised myself NEVER to do that again.

When shooting a wedding you Always need an assistant. So, I posted an add on Craig's list for an assistant. My oh My was I surprised with the overwhelming response. I was clear and to the point expressing my needs. I had never posted an add on craig's list before so, truth is, I was a little lost at first.

I have a new dilemma now, How to choose from all these fabulous people that want to help.... Now there is the hard part.

If you responded to my add and are reading this, PLEASE be patient as I am trying to make the best decision possible not only for me, but for my Bride and Groom.

I Have been extremely busy these past 2 weeks and I praise the LORD for that, I have another event tomorrow and....Being that Today is My Husbands Birthday...I'm taking a time out and will return fresh with a decision by Sunday I Promise.

Happy Friday =)

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