Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Fragrance Debate....

My husband and I are having a little bit of a debate....

I am a Coco Mademoiselle Lady myself and I would even say it's my signature fragrance. I have been using it for....hhmmm.....let's say about 12yrs. Aside from a few different gifts over the years, when it comes time for me to buy I'm always drawn right back to CHANEL.

My Husband, however is cologne obsessed =) he likes to have a few bottles going at a time. All very different fragrances and he actually switches them up. If you were wondering yes he wears cologne to sleep at night...LOL
Don't get me wrong I like my man to smell good, but aftershave at night is sufficient ;)
Our debate is this...He thinks that he should buy a fragrance even if he likes it but I don't.....I think he should only buy fragrances that we both like. :)

Isn't that why he puts cologne on in the first place so he can smell good for me?

He purchased My original bottle of Coco Mademoiselle years ago, so I think it's safe to say he likes it ;) he has given me different fragrances over the years and if he liked it and I liked it....I wore it. I just don't ever see myself getting something that I KNOW he doesn't like....Wouldn't that be like wearing Repellent?

What do YOU say folks? Am I right??


  1. I agree with you. I would never wear something my husband doesn't like and he wouldn't wear something I don't like. You have to take your spouses taste into consideration when you put on a cologne/perfume! :)

  2. I also agree that you should wear something both of you like. My signature scent has changed through the years. When your young you buy what everyone else buys then you realize that not everything smells the same on everyone and you find your sent. Right now I'm in love with Versace Signature. For men I have 3 Favorites and I can spot the sents anywhere I go. Chrome, Curve, Polo Black. I hate men who smell like cinnamon.