Sunday, October 3, 2010


It was one of those opportunities that don't just happen by accident.  Lou Goodman e-mailed ME!  He wasn't looking for a Photographer, but I jumped at the opportunity and let him know what I had to offer.  He liked my attitude and agreed to meet with me.  Boy was I excited to rub shoulders with such a seasoned Photographer :)  I heard from him that same week and let me know I could shoot with him at his next event, and it was being held at the CHARTER OAKS Country Club.

It was quite an experience.  I was SUPER excited to see the wedding colors, everyone knows I love the color VIOLET it is my name after all ;)

They say that every instructor has a different Style. That is why I audited my wedding class in school several times with different wedding Photographers. I knew then I wanted to concentrate on wedding and Portrait Photography. I am in the process of developing my very own style and the way that I am doing this is by working with and learning from the Best Wedding Photographers out there.  To name a few, Felix Rust, Jenn Hudson, Lara Woolfson, Louise Michaud, and now I can say I shot a wedding with Lou Goodman ;)  Thanks to all of them.

Here are some of the images from the Wedding and keep in mind that identities can not be revealed yet, that'll have to be a whole other blog post ;)

Congratulations to the happy couple.  I wish You a Long and Happy Marriage :)

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