Friday, October 8, 2010

He asked what we've been up to..........

My Brother called, he always does as most siblings do....when he called he mentioned that his daughter and I were spending a lot of time together lately. After he asked what we have been up to.....that's when I realized it....

He was right...I don't know when it happened really, that we started spending more and more time together, we just did. I mean she's really fun to have around, you might remember her from my previous post MEET ERIKA.  I mean we have sooo much in common...that her mom has actually told her she's my daughter not hers (kidding of course).

So I was thinking, we ARE doing lots of things lately......Like searching for jobs, studying the driving manual (she's almost ready for her permit), watching Grey's Anatomy, making and eating pies & cakes, she's learning Photoshop in school, and learning to play with my camera at home, she's babysitting my kids when I have to work and we take time to facebook in between it all!!! Best of all she likes listening about Photography and giving her opinion on my work. 

So this week she came home needing a picture for her school Photoshop Project...we went outside to take just one picture....

Let's just say...I can't just take one... So here are a few from our mini ~ Session

I think she is strikingly beautiful.....but I might be a little biased.  ;) 

I wanted to make this last image very Edgy So I added a lot of grain. I think she's gonna Love it!

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  1. I love it.... just like all the restof the work you do even non photography related!!!!!!!!! i love you mommy.! <3