Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Self Serve....

Why is that sometimes we can go all out to serve other people but we don't do it for ourselves? Let me rephrase that and make it a little more personal. I always go all out for everyone else and rarely do anything special for myself.  I am learning through many personal experiences that people often treat you how you treat yourself.  So why NOT go all out..Right??

I've been Reading an awful lot of Joyce Meyer these days and I'll quote her...

"Most of us get up every day hoping somebody else will make us happy"
I think we can do this for ourselves and yet it is always the expectation that some one else meet our needs. When in reality we have the power to make ourselves happy.  I saw a post by a woman who commenting that she was cooking, while enjoying a glass of wine and her music...but she said she was accompanied by her friend Soledad (solidtude).  I had to share that it is so important to enjoy your own company.  I for one am learning that lesson. At breakfast time I am alone, most of the time.  I don't need anyone to join me to have a really good breakfast, but most times I won't bother to cook anything...just for me. If I have a guest, I serve up the works.  when it's just me I just tend to grab my coffee and something quick.

But, since I am learning that I shouldn't expect others to make me happy, I decided to make a Special Banana pancake type of breakfast. And let me tell you banana pancakes make me happy!!  =)

I cooked them, self served them and made them extra special.....YUP just for me ;)  

Happy Wednesday!!!

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