Monday, November 7, 2011

My Autmn Tree....

Autumn is my favorite time of year...but Christmas isn't too far behind it. I love putting my tree up. If I may, I'd like to tell the Story of my Tree...

I like expensive things...but I'm not a snob....I'm the just the type that would rather save to buy something that is just a bit pricier but will last way longer.  That being said I will tell you that my tree is going on it's 10th year =)  At the time I didn't have any living room furniture. For reasons of moving from one place to the other and throwing out the old sofas before the new ones were purchased. Soooo.... since I had all that extra space I bought the biggest and best atificial tree I could find that year ~ 2001.  After having put up the tree in early November (I'm always Early) I had to unexpectedly move and so I had to take it all down and put it back up.  I didn't mind.  It was after all the only thing in my Living room ;)

One year I actually left it up all year and decorated it for all the different seasons That was fun. People thought I was a little weird different but I had fun with it.

In 2009 My tree was stuck in a storage in sunny Florida while I was back in New England...that year I REALLY missed my tree.  So last year ~ 2010 I decided to put it up in October. I was anxious to take the poor tree out of the box so I decided to decorate it as an Autmn Tree. It was beautiful and the change over to christmas decor was a breeze.  So Here it is 2011 my tree know lives in 2 seperate boxes as the original box could no longer handle the wear and tear. My TREE however stands strong and guessed it it's up. My lights were a problem this year, as my tree was up before christmas lights made an appearance on the store shelves. ;)  I just let it stand undecorated in the corner until lights were available. The debate I just wait to put the christmas decorations on it? Or Can I get a couple of weeks with Autumn decor?

I managed to find just a few pumpkins and my autumn ribbon and I will enjoy it until it's really time for christmas decorations (Thanksgiving Day;)

I'm excited to add a lime green for christmas this year it's gonna be great...but for now I'll Enjoy the Autumn tree. It truly make me happy!

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