Wednesday, January 9, 2013

HEELLOO 2013!!!

Welcoming the New Year

One of My Resolutions for the New Year, was to let my creativity flow. I have achieved that, with the first work of the New Year that you are about to see. The entire look was created right in my studio, made with anything that was on hand.  I have to say I am super proud of this work.  It sure did knock the socks off of ME ;)  It was a challenge, but I enjoyed every second of it.  This is the Year I will explore all the possibilities and do my best to exceed my own expectations.

There were so many images that I loved, that I'm pretty sure I'm posting more than I usually do. Enjoy!!

 I had enough time to choose different light settings. I used them to explore and then I did a few different editing techniques to continue exploring possiblities.

What I Love about these last ones is that I feel like I could have pulled them out of a fashion magazine :) A girl has to set the bar high and then do her best to reach for it right ;)

A special thanks to My Awesome Friend and Fashion Diva Ms Yadian Reyes for doing all the crazy things I ask her to do in order to get the shot I'm looking for. Forever Grateful.

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