Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!! 2013

As I take a moment to reflect on 2012 I have to admit was a tough year for me. Not all things turned out as I planned them at the end of last year, but life is is life and you can only live it one day at a time.  We can make plans and set our goals but in the end GOD is in control.

I have set many goals for 2013. It's a year if milestones for me. I'm excited to enter into a different time in my life!  I'm looking forward to keeping up with all the changes.  Taking better care of myself, and letting the creativity flow.  One of the hardest things I face is having lots of ideas trapped in my head and not bringing them out. Maybe it's not enough motivation maybe it's fear, but this year I'm determined to do what it takes to explore the many possibilities.

I decided that it was time for changes in the upcoming year so I began with myself.  I have a wonderful friend who also is an amazing hairstylist.  She was able to take my idea and work it so that I am completely happy with my new look. And that my friends gives me the motivation to knock the socks off of 2013!!

I am starting the year off with Great Goals, A new look and Great Motivation!  A creative shoot in the works for JANUARY! Plans for a new website and more!

I look forward to serving you and you creative photography needs!

Here's a peek at my new look! Please excuse the quality of the below photo...I'ts a selfie taken with my iPhone ;) 

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