Sunday, July 17, 2011

You get what you pay for....

You hear it all the time, That's too expensive, who wants to pay that much when you can get it for less.  Well I am and have always been of the mentality that you get what you pay for.  I strongly believe in Quality vs. Quantity.  You can essentially get the same product at a lesser price depending on Where you shop, but it's really not the same product. It's just not built the same. It is more likely to fall apart in less time.

I have been known to do crazy things like sit on the floor, until I was able to buy the right quality sofa. Why you might ask....I'll tell you.  You can buy the lesser expensive sofa and have it fall apart on you after a couple of years, OR you can wait until you can afford the more expensive one and actually SAVE money.

How? Well.... the sofa that you paid more money for isn't going to fall apart as easily and will last you longer.

Anyway....The same can be said about your Wedding Album. Let's face it you want your great grand kids to be able to enjoy the heritage.  Sure, the album might look the same but...Can it stand the wear and tear and last beyond a lifetime how it's supposed to?

I have decided that I want to offer my clients the best....That's why I offer Leather Craftsmen Albums.  They have stood the test of time and it is an amazing product.  It's worth that little extra that you pay.  Here's a peek at the quality of the album you could have if you hire ME as your Wedding Photographer.

Trust me it's definitely worth it. I have digital photo files and they barely get looked at.   It's the albums that sit in the living room that get all the attention.  ;)

Happy Sunday!!!

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