Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thinking Of You.....July Ann

I still remember when you asked me to be your 2nd baby's God mother... We knew each other well before that but that's what brought us sooo much closer together.

La Comai...That's what you used to call me. I remember spoiling you while you were pregnant with Junito. We were inseperable during that time. 

When I think of all the things that followed, I realize we made a lot of memories together....we had so many good times together. 

It's amazing how one person can really impact your life. You were the vessel God chose to use to introduce me to my husband.  After all, it was at your house that I met my husband, your brother-in-law...Our lives blended in such an amazing way. 

One memory that I will a little secret we shared at my wedding (when you said "the guys are entertained let's go get a shot of tequila")  shortly after the guys decided we should all have a shot...and oh boy, we realized...we really shouldn't have.  That's just one, but there are many many memories I hold dear to my heart.

I would have never have imagined that life would be that short for you. If only things could have been different.  The years passed and distance came between us. I wish I would have discovered facebook a little we could have kept in touch so much more.

If there is one thing I learned from the tragedy........ It is that tomorrow is never promised. We should always tell the people that we love how much we love them when we have the opportunity. Never go to bed angry and enjoy the little things in Life that matter. 

It's been 2 years since we lost you but you live in our hearts forever.

Rest In Peace July Ann.....You will never be forgotten. 
In memory of her.....the image is a self-portrait.  Along with her favorite quote.....

I'm pretty, but I'm not Beautiful, I sin but I'm not the devil, I'm good, but I'm not an Angel -Marylyn Monroe

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