Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fit & Fearless

I recently met Carmen and I was in awe when she told me she is 43.  Yes....I did kinda have to pick my jaw up.....I thought she was in her mid 30's.  She looks so fit. The more I talked to her I understood that she was not afraid to tell her age.  She is confident and quite happy in her own skin.  She eats well and goes to the Gym regurlarly.  Clearly she is doing something right. I admire a woman who is happy with herself, because A lot of women aren't.

I read a Tweet the other day and it made perfect sense to me in relation to this... so I'll just copy and paste it here....
It kills me when some of the most beautiful people are the least happy with how they look. Rock what you got.

Yesterday at 7:01pm via Twitter ·  ·  ·@AnneRuthmann on Twitter

Not everyone can be this confident, and I'm including myself here. I am very picky about my appearance, especially in Photographs.  However, I think that as long as my hair and make up is in good order, I feel good about the way I look and hold my head up high. I've actually used the statement "I think I look good for my age" ;)  but this blogpost is not about me.

Here are some of the Photos taken at Carmen's Photoshoot....I titled her album FIT & Fearless because that is what I see and admire about her.

Carmen I had a great time with you on your shoot and here's the Proof you did too ;)

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