Monday, March 14, 2011

The Film Experiment...

I was recently told Film is not dead.  In disbelief I said "Excuse me, Who uses film anymore?"

Ahem....umm...They still sell it at the Pharmacy. Yup, a lot of people still have film cameras.  "No Way!'
....and so it is true.  I tried it!  =)

So....You may have read my previous post to understand why the sudden interest in film. I Love my Digital camera and I am a Professionally Certified Digital Photographer.  Film is....well, just for fun and for exploring and going on new adventures.

Let's get something Straight I don't actually OWN a film camera, but my friend Anne Ruthmann let me borrow her 1979 Olympus OM10.  I bought a few rolls of film and got it ready to fire. Of course, one of the things I learned is that shooting digital really does make you shutter happy. =) I would have shot hundreds of exposures on my camera.

I rarely get to be at a wedding where I am not Photographing it, so I found this to be the perfect opportunity to experiment :) I got some memories with my phone just like everyone else, but I did manage to go through a whopping 24 exposures...yes ladies and gentlemen a whole roll (hear the clapping as I bow).  I won't lie and say I wasn't afraid of getting nothing, that was the risky part, but I did get something.......Not the kind of images I'm used to getting with my digital camera, but I'm happy with my first try using film on a manual camera.

Here's a peek at what I captured.

Flower Girl

For the Toast

Ceiling Design

Please Understand this is Pharmacy Bought film and Pharmacy developed too ;)

I bought Kodak Ultra 800 film which I developed at Walgreen's 1 hour Photo, I'm sure it did the film NO justice.  However since these images are just for me it didn't matter.

Any critique offered is completey acceptable here, as this is a learning journey.

Happy MONDAY!!!

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