Friday, September 14, 2018

Let's Talk Boudoir...

It's not about being fresh...(as some people look at it) It's about empowering women to see their own beauty!! I have always loved doing boudoir sessions. Why?  Because every time I have a client come look at their images the feelings and expressions I get from them is like...Sooo amazing. I just feel like saying, have you NEVER seen yourself like this before? OMG.

Let's be realistic. As Women we are Mother's, Housewives, Nurses, Chefs, Teacher, Chauffers, Coaches, Storytellers, Organizers, Referees, Monster Killers, and the list can go on...and on.......

And Yet....We are still expected to be well kept, beautiful, and sexy!

We don't always feel that way!! Sometimes it takes a Boudoir Session to remind us of how Gorgeous we really are.

In case your wondering yes I too have been on the other side of the lens 😉 I felt the best I ever felt. It was my gift to myself for my 43rd birthday. I want to make sure that as a photographer I can make you comfortable and bring out the best in you. That is my goal after all, to empower other women. 
Photo Credit for this one goes to Yoandy's Photography and the edit by yours truly. I think every woman should have their own hashtag. I AM #fierceviolet. Happy Friday!!! 

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