Monday, September 24, 2012


In the Photography industry there is always a class to take, And something new to learn. I'll take it as much of it as I can get. I've been catching up with Sue Bryce's Blog. So Much Inspiration there. I am a Glamour Girl. So it's not surprising that I immediately fell in Love with her work.

Many Thanks to the folks over at Creative Live for the introduction. After all the education I felt like I am not doing enough creatively.

So, here are some thoughts on why I have been unproductive.  It's been one rough year for me. I have had to endure many personal changes.  I have spent most of the summer not doing much for work, but focusing on my kids and my home. Getting ready for new things.  Trying to figure things out and Prioritze.  I had a friend tell me that no one can fault me, if My Priorities are in order ;) Thanks for that.

I'm currently trying to set something up creatively and it's not that easy to bring everything together collaboratively.  I'll keep trying, Keeping in Mind that Being a Creative Artist was my dream my whole life. I always wanted to create images like the ones I do and I am proud of my work.  The truth be told I have created some things throughout this (ahem) dry spell. I have just been holding back for some reason I haven't quite figured out yet. Blogpost to follow.....

I saw this this morning and realized it is so true. Sometimes you just see something....

I am determined to not let this dry spell mess with my creativity....So here publicly, I promise to be more creative and produce more creative work.


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