Friday, June 15, 2012

Princess Kaylee is turning 1.

I can't believe it's been almost a year already.  You might remember a blog post from when she was born...You can find it HERE.

Well she's turned into quite a little precious princess. Of course taking these photos of babies is one of the biggest challenges. You sit them down and they immediately move. They want to grab your camera and cry too. You kinda have to be your silliest in order to get a good shot with a smile.  Let's just say she wasn't all smiles throughout the whole session.  However since she was in Cinderella's ball gown I had to pretend I was the Fairy Godmother and use my magic wand....and as the saying goes...

Bippitty Boppitty BOO! =)
This is the Shot we used for her Birthday Invitation...Here's a peek.
Although the images that follow didn't make the cut for the card, they were certainly worthy of this blogpost ;) 

I wish her a blessed birthday in advance =) 

Kaylee, Titi Loves YOU!!

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