Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unfinished Business...

This time of year is generally a little slow...but I've been busy with a lot of things, personal and business.   I am finally starting to feel like everything is seemingly caught up.  That means I get to work on the things I do for fun. (Photographing My cute kids and my beautiful nieces Major hobby of mine :)

Sometime in August I shared my niece Erika's Pictures that I did for her.  I blogged them (I think) and I Facebooked em' I'm sure of it (but not all)  Since with family there's no pressure to actually finish a job until you have the time, it's easy to leave those on the back burner if you will.  So the truth is one or the other went up as I worked on them...but then came the Fall and Christmas...Well let's just Say it's 2012 =) and now I have some free time to finish all the UNFINISHED Business ;)

With Pleasure I share with you Ms. Erika....

I hope she will always see how truly beautiful she is....On the inside and Out.

 I LOVE you Erika <3 

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