Monday, June 6, 2011

My Baby turned 7....

My Baby Boy turned 7 this weekend. He is a big boy now. We are saving his big birthday celebration for the end of the month since all our family will be visiting. However in order to make the day special we baked a cake, put a few candles on it, and sang happy birthday anyway =)  We also gave him a birthday present as well.  He now owns a skateboard. Yikes!!  No worries though,  he's covered in protective gear from head to toe ;)

To My surprise he told me that what he really wanted was a BABY BROTHER!!!  Triple YIKES!!!! know as a mom, I really want to give the kid what he wants...but Ummmm "NO!" "Sorry!!" "That's not gonna happen!"  Daddy's response to that was "How about a FISH" jajajajaja!!!!

I guess he'll just have to be satisfied with the family birthday party and maybe a pet fish...LOL

Anyway, in light of his Birthday I wanted to share some images.  I take his picture every year for his birthday (and even when it's not, really).  Please note...He was a big inspiration for me to study Photography and you'll notice the difference in the earlier scanned images. The first image was actually a film camera...
He's eating his 1st Birthday cake and really enjoying it.
His 2nd Birthday was a Nemo Themed Birthday Party and he got to be a Birthday Prince.

Birthday #3 was a firefighter birthday party.

By the Time he turned 4 I don't quite remember the birthday party as much as I remeber following him around with a camera constantly ;) BOY was he cute...ketchup on the face and all.
When he Turned 5, I was experimenting with Studio Lighting I was taking soooo many that I just found this gem the other day when I was looking through my files. And Yes the watermark is new, Not from when he turned 5 ;)

He is a ham, this was on his 6th birthday and by now he is a pro in front of my camera. We had cupcakes in the shape of a 6 this year. They were yummy. 
Here is his 7th Birthday Picture...He now has his two adult front teeth....but he is still all the baby I need ;)  
I am so Blessed to have this little boy that I can't thank God enough for allowing me to have him. 

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