Monday, May 9, 2011

LOVE is...

Love Can be described in as many ways as there are human beings. Everyone has their own opinion as to what love is.   In an effort to sort some things out I asked the question out loud...

Someone asked me if it was a contest, so they may get inspired and I was all for it.  So, I said sure...and offered a 5X7 print...of anything in my database :)  I apologize if anyone thought I was offering a Photo Session.  I recieved a lot of answers, but none that really struck me, so I let the contest run a few more days.

I knew  a lot of my friends would say that GOD is Love but I already knew that.....but I was looking for more of a natural description.  The most common answers were selflessness, peace, commitment.  

The winner of the 5X7 print has asked to remain anonymous, but I have permission to share her response.

It was as follows.....

  • Loyalty 
 Faithfulness to commitments and/or obligations
  • hOnor 
Honesty, Fairness, and Integrity in one's beliefs and Actions
  • Virtue
Moral excellence, Goodness and Righteousness
  • Eternal 
Without begining or end....Lasting forever

In my opinion her answer was a very well thought out and prize worthy ;) 

I found that the dictionary description was a little less than satisfying. Here's what the Dictionary had to say..... 
  1. an intense feeling of deep affection
  2. a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone
There were tons of quotes about the meaning of Love...which goes along with my theory that everyone has a different description...

This one held my interest because and I don't think most people realize that LOVE has no guarantees. 

Love means to commit yourself without guarantee. ~ Anne Campbell

So after seeing all of the answers and thinking them through myself. I realized that the dictionary description made sense after all....Love is...hard to describe because it's a FEELING and everyone FEELS differently ;) 

*sigh*  I Love LOVE :)

The Below image is from the bride's room at Cathedral of the Pines....

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