Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The iPhone is one the greatest tools that has ever come through my hands....

I LooOOOVE it!!!
It helps me to be productive while on the GO! It does all sorts of things...If you can think of it they will make an APP for that......However, being a photographer I have always been skeptical about the quality of a tiny phone camera, but the iPhone does a really good job Most of the time.......You know for the day to day images and moments that you have to pull your camera out of your pocket for YEAH those =)

I recently discovered an APP that allows me to share more of the images I take with my iPhone or any image I have saved on my iPhone.  You can find out about it at and OH MY LORD it's FREE!!! =)

Who doesn't like FREE? I know alot of people that like free....LOL!

So I thought I would share it. I love the way the filters make my ordinary images...EXTRODINARY!!!

Or in the words of one my Friends...."WOW" Thanks Evelyn for your encouragement!

I like wow =) it's very pleasing......

Early morning walk to take my son to the bus...It truly was a beautiful morning.....

Sometimes I am just driving along...and I see something like this and I just HAVE to stop and take a picture =)
Love the leaves......and yes I'm the girl that put up an autumn tree up and brought real leaves from outside to put on the tree =) but Really...I am NOT crazy I just Love Autumn!!

Enjoy the Wow I was able to share =) 

Happy Wednesday!!!

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