Saturday, August 28, 2010

Creative Live With J*

I had the amazing opportunity to be instructed by Jasmine Star on Creative Live....LIVE Really!!! People pay thousands of dollars to go to her workshops....But I had the opportunity to watch her LIVE and FREE =) it's been 4 Days so far and I still have tomorrow to go. really all I can say. She really is amazing and I can only aspire to be as Great as she is. You can read her blog here.

Above all else, she is an amazing person (I hope I get to meet her someday).

She is Supefabulosa, & Yeah I just made that word up. LOL it's something she Loves to do...But Whatever it is What it is ;)

Can I just Say, that Although I am a Huge fan and I learned soooo much from her, I realized that she is a Normal person just like the rest of us. I was able to put all of my worries into perspective, and Gained quite a bit of confidence along the way. She doesn't have superpowers.....Well maybe just one, since she DOES have JD. I really admire their relationship.

So, anyway I have been focusing a lot on My Photography Business this week and I am proud to share with you this promotional card I created. It is my plan to send it to print as soon as possible and hand it out often =)

Happy Saturday!!

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