Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things About Me........

  1. I believe in Jesus Christ & He is first in my Life....
  2. I LOVE my Kids and I would do Whatever I had to do in order to Protect them. (Even run barefoot and throw myself in the middle of the street with out looking to give them cover) Yikes!
  3. I consider Myself a Great Photographer.
  4. My Husband Drives me Crazy....In more ways than one ;)
  5. I am always on the ground.....Literally don't laugh I don't have good balance. (ok, maybe it's a little funny)
  6. I hate american cars, I only owned one and won't ever do that again.
  7. I am still close to friends I made in High School. (cuz...I'm a good friend like that)
  8. I hate watching commercials...I will purposely pause a programs and do something else for 10 min so I won't have to watch them.
  9. I Love to read....I need alot of bookshelves because books are everywhere....I've read all of Mary Higgins Clark's books and just finished the latest one.
  10. Once I kept my christmas tree up a Whole year :-o and changed the decorations for all the seasons.
  11. My brother Shot me in the bum with a BB gun from across the street when I was 10...and boy did that hurt :(
  12. I Lost 38 lbs last year...I may have gained a few back but I still feel great :)
  13. I gave up Soda last year and now it tastes funny.
  14. I moved around a lot when I was a kid...but always came back to New England.
  15. I am usually a good judge of Character.
  16. I LOVE MUSIC......
  17. I used to Love to dance until a Car Accident changed my Life, I still dance in the car though.
  18. A tragedy Changed our family, so now I try to live well, laugh often and Love as if there were no tomorrow.
  19. I own about 6 bibles...I even have one on my iPhone.
  20. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.
  21. I've watched every single episode of: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Brother's & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, and Sex & the City and yes all commercial free :)
  22. This is My Favorite Number
  23. I have a tattoo on My back with all 3 of my children's names.
  24. I love what I do....and even though it is work I enjoy it.
  25. I love having My picture taken too........
Oh and last but not least I believe you should...Dream on, Dream on, Until your Dreams come true.

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  1. You are beautiful - in more ways then one. ;) Luv you and I pray that you continue to find the right roads to go down, and the strength to keep on walking.