Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Laughs.....

I LOVE being a Photographer.......The downside is that I am usually the one with the camera therefore don't usually make it into any Photographs :-/

However>>>>>I Love having my Picture taken too, but when I do, I have to make sure that I look good...........that usually means;
  • I only half smile. (I just don't like teeth with my smile)
  • I'm always trying to find my "better side" (don't usually find one ;)
  • I am always trying to figure out ways to look thinner. (I find it impossible)
Anyway, I have a particular friend that Loves being in front of My Camera as much as she loves taking it out of my hands to Photograph me. In this Process she tries to make me do what only comes natural to HER...Truthfully it's kinda awkward for me...LOL. I don't usually get a ton of pictures that I like (Remember I'm the pro not her ;) but I do have a ton of Laughs.

Seriously though, she always makes me laugh, even when things are not going well. She always manages to find a way to lift my spirits. She is always encouraging me and helps me to see certain things from a different perspective. I believe everyone should have one of these friends.

I would normally not even show these pictures to anyone let alone publish them. Today I am making the exception, because when you find a friend that you can laugh with it's something to be cherished.

Besides Life is too short NOT to laugh!

These Images in this post were shot during a couple of different Photo Shoots...

And Just for the Record I'm not the ONLY one Laughing =)

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  1. Love the pictures. You are gorgeous my friend and that shows in all of your pics. :) I'm also glad someone is with you to make you laugh. Everyone definitely needs that type of friend!