Monday, May 3, 2010

The Man I Love......

𝄞When the mellow moon begins to beam,
Ev'ry night I dream a little dream;
And of course Prince Charming is the theme:
The he
For me.
Although I realize as well as you
It is seldom that a dream comes true,
To me it's clear
That he'll appear.

Some day he'll come along,
The man I love;
And he'll be big and strong,
The man I love;
And when he comes my way,
I'll do my best to make him stay.𝄞
The Man I Love.... is not a dream. He is a Reality in my Life, and he came along Quite some time ago.

He's not perfect...(far from it & neither am I) But I Love HIM...More than words can say. Oh and he is definitely Big and Strong. =)

My Husband and I have been able to spend extra time together in these past few months and I am so grateful for that closeness that the Lord has Provided.

Because Tomorrow is never Promised.....Today we should LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and appreciate what we have.

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