Monday, March 15, 2010

La Quinceañera

A Quinceañera is the Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl's coming of age and that is her 15th Birthday.
Little girls in the Hispanic Culture dream of becoming La Quinceañera........This is the Day when a little Girl becomes a Young Lady. It is the day when she gets to waltz around in a ballgown and be crowned.

There are many different ceremonies. The most common is the gift of a Tiara which symbolizes the triumph over her childhood and the ability to face the challenges ahead.
It is traditional for the ceremony to include changing of her little girl shoes to high heels which represents becoming a young lady.
Also Common is the gift of a Scepter symbolizing that She is becoming responsible for herself.
I took the above images at the celebration of a Very Special Quinceañera. I was there the day she was born and it amazes me how time flies. She has grown into such a beautiful young Lady and has made me very proud to be her TITI.

Love you Damary Eliz.

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