Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time well spent....

Someone once told me that when we leave this world the only thing we are going to take with us are the memories of the great times spent with the people we Love.

I praise God that this weekend I was able to go with my family to visit the Retired Pastors of FWC, Jesus & Digna Gonzalez. We had a great time. They have been of great support to us in many ways, especially in Prayer.

 I have to say to my Good friend and Pastor Sorines Lopez that she has one of the best set of parents EVER. I am So glad that the Lord blessed you & your siblings in such a great way. I guess, what I want to say is be greatful, for not everyone is as blessed as you :)
by the way DAD asked me to take this one just for you SOLY!
Thanks Pastors for a great weekend, Love you Guys

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